Why Mobile Games Are the Perfect Platform for Brands

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Although the video gaming market is growing across the globe, marketers tend to hang fast to the ancient stories about who players are. Researches of the study have shown us that console owners include both sexes. Information from Jun Group ‘s mobile ad agency indicates that 63 percent of mobile players in the United States are female, contradictory to the perception that too many gamers are male juveniles.

Though both women and men appreciate smartphone games, individual choices for the sorts of games may alter. Research by Jun Community showed female smartphone gamers given objective and board games, whereas juveniles supported action and action games. With nothing more than a large range of popular game applications, marketers may target any form of customer as long as those who know how to apply it.

A myth regarding video games is whether the bulk of them come from a millennial population. The 2019 – 2020 study commissioned by New zoo and Activision Blizzard Media showed that teenagers aged between 22 to 36 are its main age group of smartphone players which come to 39.50%, but gamers ranging in age 35-49 were not far behind (33.40%). Still, nearly three-fifth of computer players are older than 50. Mobile phones have often provided people from all backgrounds the ability to regularly play gaming without needing to deal with the new computer or Laptop equipment.

Brand safety and ad experience:

It is indeed challenging to disregard the huge volume of views on social media while exploring digital ads choices. It comprises more entirely of user-generated content that could be completely regulated by such platforms which puts marketers at risk of having their logo next to unfavourable material. A study commissioned by the Trustworthy Accountability Group and the Brand Protection Institute showed that if marketed with ‘serious or harmful material,’ greater than 82 percent of customers will limit or avoid purchasing a commodity.

Unlike social networking sites, research from Ad Colony said just 17 per cent of users claimed they encountered, anti-brand-safe material in video games. Until it relates to in-game advertisements, advertisers may pick the conditions in which they provide to air their advertisement.

Mobile games will feature a number of creative and captivating ad campaigns. Compensated content is the way forward to hold creators, marketers and consumers satisfied. While providing an opportunity to view an advert, compensated content provides the viewers with an immersive interaction they enjoy. The findings of the Jun Group study revealed that 73 per cent of respondents favoured awarded video over some other type of video advertisement.

For video and mobile gaming the introduction of hyper casual gaming also saw the return of banner advertising. Most informal and hyper casual games don’t really have large purchasing markets so there’s little ability of using paid content. Banner ads are a safe and easy way for novice players to advertise a company or commodity that could be enjoying a short window of space

Do cookies have any impact on mobile gaming?

Luckily, the loss of cookies seems to have no actual influence on mobile games, since they’re not used with the in-app space. Alternatively, branding channels and markets utilize ads Identifiers and mobile app Identifiers and, due to the increased popularity of the smartphone identification industry, they are here to live. Simply put, through ads in video sports, marketers don’t have to consider buying the rug stripped from beneath them. While the mass proliferation of smartphones progresses, the market and the technologies have grown in parallel. Gaming applications should build more and more possibilities for companies to take control of. Brands merely can let go of old misperceptions.

How users want to receive advertising?

Potential customers look to find ads in mobile games over YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram. Consumers are most inclined to buy products they see advertised on mobile games. These are the findings based on the research from Ad Colony.

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