Ways To Optimize PPC Campaigns

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1. Google Ads Keyword Planner

This should be the starting point of your PPC optimization journey if you are targeting the Google SERP for your ads. Using Google Ads Keyword planner, you can search for keywords that you want your ads to be shown for. Google will then recommend more keywords based on your input. It will also show the competitiveness associated with the keywords.

2. Leverage The Negative keywords

Sometimes you might want to exclude some keywords that prompt your ads to be served. It is necessary to properly target the desired buyers. So if you are just a feature phone manufacturer, you might want to exclude the search term ‘ best smartphones.’ You can block the exact phrase, you can block the phrase regardless of the order of the words, you can block only the term ‘smartphone’ and any search term having that word will be taken into account to not show your ad.

3. Use CPA Auction

Normally we bid for a campaign and that bid amount remains fixed. What happens is in this case you have to pay the same amount of money for each action/acquisition even though you could have spent less. With Target CPA auction you let Google’s AI and ML algorithm decide the optimal bid amount for the campaign so that it can rank higher. However, this is useful only if you are getting a decent number of conversions using the manual bidding.

4. Use ECPC To Smartly Target The Buyers

Unlike the traditional CPC where you set a maximum amount for each keyword and Google never crosses it, ECPC works in a little bit of a different way. With ECP, you still set manual bids, but if Google finds that your a Google user is most likely to respond to your ad ( based on location, time of day and other such metrics) then it will increase your bid amount to let that user see the ad above other ads. But don’t worry, your average CPC will remain the same.

5. Using Competitor Keywords

This is the age of competition and it is natural that you would want customers of your competitors to come to you. This is why you must bid for a competitor’s brand name for your keywords. You must also use those keywords used by your competitor. That way your chance of getting customers with relevant search intent. Beware, do not use your competitor’s name in your actual ad copy.

6. Use Ad Customizer and IF Function


Suppose you sell a product globally. It would be counterproductive if you show the price of your products in US $ to an Indian customer. To avoid this issue in Google ads, you must use the ad customizer. Again, you can customize your ad based on the behaviour of the visitors. So you can use IF function to offer a 30% discount to those who abandoned the cart on your website.

7. Make More Than One Ad Copy On The Same Theme

Make more than one ad copy on the same theme and place these copies in an ad group in Google ads. Google will then automatically check and see which version is attracting more visitors. That way you can be sure that your ad copy is serving you excellently.

 Optimising PPC campaigns can save you a lot of money by reducing irrelevant clicks. Lastly, don’t forget to add a call-to-action to each of your PPC campaigns. Best luck on your PPC journey.

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