Innovative E-commerce trends that are set to dominate in the coming years?

eCommerce trends

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A brief introduction on E-Commerce:

Electronic commerce, frequently known as e-commerce, relates both to purchasing and sale of products and services via the world wide web and the transfer of capital and information to carry out such purchases. Electronic commerce is only used for selling of tangible goods online, but it can also define some form of business contract that is enabled via the Internet.

While e-business applies to all forms of electronic activity, e-commerce relates primarily to the sale of products and services.

Now, let us discuss few advanced ways in which e-commerce is shaping the future.


Progressive methods defining E-commerce:

1) Chat Bots:

AI powered applications have also helped e-commerce retailers foresee purchasing trends. Today chatbots are useful in preserving the past customer order, support marketing with cross and selling, customer care, lead creation, improved interaction and enriched shopping experience by offering constructive, sensitive, reliable, instant responsive SMS and media conversations. Some motivating forces behind the wide-ranging adoption of chatbots are brisk feedback and resolution, pre booking and convenience of online shopping.

As per Oracle survey, their research indicates that a whopping 79-81% of companies are already utilizing or intending to use chatbots by the end of December, 2020.

2) Product Disbursal by Drone:

Optimal with small to medium-sized products, this type of delivery utilizes Aerial Vehicles and carry goods to the delivery point in quicker, simpler and environmentally safe forms. Drone’s distribution is already advertised as the inevitable prospect within e-commerce, and is projected to boost total sales by a significant sum.

3) Visual Merchandising:

Youth, in comparison to their ancestors, create profound emotional decisions with the aid of graphics that continuously test their focus.

E-commerce of the coming years ought to redesign itself by carefully designed visual depiction of consumer goods, either by high resolution, 360-degree images, futuristic architecture, imaginative renderings or the use of artificial machines and augmented reality in product displays. These help in generating immersive imagery for revolutionary shoot of products.

4) Shopping with Social Media:

Facebook reports over 70 % of users utilize Instagram for online shopping, and products on Pinterest has indeed proved to become a widely feasible choice among online purchasers globally.

In the future, companies can open up generated content coming from and within the users for compelling ads, have stable payment solutions on social media, concentrate on buying tactics that can be processed with minimal clicks, and along with Business to consumer advertisers, E-commerce companies will also extend the perspectives to social trading. Social trading can perform well for vendors that are selling reduced ticket goods with dedication as compared to profits being their goal.

5) Voice Shopping:

With a rise in the sophistication of voice recognition devices like Cortana and Siri, consumers are considering voice queries to be quicker in comparison to written queries, which is quite social and entertaining due to the prevalence of smart devices in homes.

Shopping with the aid of human voice would be strongly helped by the accelerated growth of Artificial Intelligence, which is moving towards comprehensive quests. The players in online shopping can get assisted in a better manner as there would be shorter order times and improved user specific offerings.

6) Augmented Reality:

It’s always been where most consumers tended to spend hours buying at traditional stores as they could not adequately imagine the appearance of the items. That’s what AR has improved.

The usage of Augmented Reality, combined with three dimensional images, micro animation, product insights and immersive apps, has proved to promote the brands, repeat visits and a feeling of wonderment with in minds of consumers.

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