How Google Works? What is Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking?

How Google Works? What is Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking?

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How does Google search engine work?

Google has crawlers(google crawlers) and their job is to grab everything (pages/content) and place it on google database/library. There are millions of websites on the web and google crawlers/spiders will grab every website’s data, You can block google to not crawl/index your website just placing a code on robots.txt. 

Google runs its own algorithms to show you accurate and relevant results Whenever you enter a search query on the Google search engine, in the backend google runs its search algorithm and selects the most relevant website(which has relevant content, awsome website, proper website architecture, a good site speed, authoritative backlinks, and many factors) from the millions of websites and gives you on organic search results. 

Google runs separate algorithms for each kind of its products, for Adwords results in google, an algorithm checks your ad copy uniqueness, relevance to a landing page, quality score, usage of extensions, max CPC, etc and shows the best and relevant ad on top. 

Google My Business/Local Pack Results 

To show local results google has a separate algorithm and it checks on your search query relevance to the listing, location, trusted local reviews, NAP, business description, etc.. and it will give accurate local google business listings. 

What is crawling in the search engine?

The process of grabbing information from all the websites it called crawling. Google crawlers/spiders will go to each website through links and crawls the content that you have placed it called google crawling. 

What is google indexing?

Right after google crawlers crawled the data of your website and they place the same into google’s library by creating separate folders for each website content and name respective website URLs is called google indexing. 

What is google ranking?

Whenever a user asks a query on the Google search engine, Google will show the relevant result from its indexing/library to that user on it SERP(search engine result page) is called google ranking.

All you need to do is, Just write a good piece of content for your users and make your website architecture perfect so that Google crawlers can easily access/index your pages and improve authority and quality backlinks to get your pages ranked well on google search. 

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