Google’s SEO Ranking Factors for 2020

Google's SEO Ranking Factors for 2020

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Every search engine has its own set of guidelines/ranking factors to get your website/webpage ranked on SERP(Search Engine Result Page). 

What are google ranking factors?  

As there are many websites on google’s database, whenever someone searches for something on google, to give accurate and relevant information, google has a set of guidelines that no one knows about those guidelines rather than google. 

How many SEO ranking factors are there?

Most of the SEO experts say there are more than 200 SEO ranking factors that Google uses to show the exact information that its users are looking for. But the fact is that only Google knows its ranking factors and it never released all of its ranking factors either number of ranking factors. 

Here are the top 5 google ranking factors you should consider for your SEO in 2020.

Unique Content 

Content plays a huge factor in getting you ranked on SERP. Its been an important factor in Google ranking. Always write for users to provide relevant, accurate and unique information. Analyze the keywords and search intent then write for it. If you have strong and relevant content on your website, Your website will be ranked on top whenever users enter relevant search queries on google. 

Website Architecture 

Website architecture is just a layout of the website, it should be in line with the business needs and should be user friendly so that users can easily understand the website structure and the pages they are looking for. 

Website awesomeness can be understood by the layout, user navigation, and internal linking. Whether it is 2020 or 2025 it doesn’t matter, Website architecture always plays a vital role in SEO rankings.

Mobile Friendliness 

On April 21st, 2015 google released Mobilegeddon an important google mobile ranking algorithm that gives drastic changes to rankings of mobile pages in mobile search. 

And Now google enables the mobile-first index mandatory for all the new websites, which means google uses a mobile version of the content for its indexing and ranking. 

Making your website mobile-friendly will be helpful for you to get users from mobile and rankings as well. 

Website Speed 

Website speed has been a Google ranking factor, Users always likes to browse the websites that load faster. If you are having slow websites bounce will be high and your website trust will be gone as now one again willing to visit and recommend your website. 

E-A-T(Expertise, Authoritative and Trustworthiness )

Every website has an E-A-T score, When you have quality traffic, returning visitors, authority backlinks, good white paper content on your website it will be more. Most of the SEO will agree E-A-T is an SEO ranking factor, while some don’t, 

When you have quality traffic, authority and expertise these will always make your website more special when Google runs its algorithm for its SERP rankings.

Ultimately content is the most important thing If your website has everything apart from relevant, user intent, unique and content depth, it won’t get ranked for the search queries users are typing on google search engines.

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