E-commerce – How to achieve customer delight with Intelligent Merchandising

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History has proven that Evolution always wins. Commerce between two parties has evolved from barter system to being an intricate part of our day to day life’s, thanks to Amazon and Alibaba. 

What does consumer want?

It is not a secret that shoppers today want personal shopping experience. Why is that? Unlike 5 to 10 years ago, people preferred unfamiliar in-personal experience, commerce didn’t evolve in vacuum it’s that other advancements in societies has raised bars on other experiences which has led to development of commerce as we know today. 

When a shopper gets frustrated with your brand that may not be because your competitor offered a better price or deal, but instead the competitor has offered a better experience. When engaging with a shopper advertiser need to be aware that they are not just shoppers but a movie buff, music lover, workout enthusiast or read on tablets and the experiences that they have with those aspects of life are driving convenience with shopping and engaging with brand. 

3 Factors business can focus on to thrive in the market:

3 Factors business

Operational aspects of any business form the baseline to achieve their end goal. Advertisers should focus more on time and resource development, as skill sets become obsolete over a period of time. In the end no matter what the state of world is focus of the top management of any business still remains the same – growth and profit.  This was the trend until the early 20th century, but with the penetration of internet and mobile devices, business cannot restrict themselves to only 2 factors of growth, focus on Customer Delight and experience has now become in this Digi-era the utmost priority. 

The challenge is, these three factors don’t work together unless an external stimulus is added and for business this stimulus can be technology. 

How business can use technology:

If clients want to keep ahead and be a leader in the E- commerce marathon, they should focus on:

  • Automation: Replace tedious manual tasks with automated services to free up resources
  • Intelligence: Introduce technology which gets smarter over time that supports human intuition.  
  • Insights: A deeper and always fresh understanding of customers and their behaviour. 

The result of applying automation, intelligence and insights coupled with experiences which are familiar, relevant and convenient to commerce is what experts call a self-driving site. 

What happens in a user e-commerce journey?


eCommerce sites backed with AI intelligence, user behaviour recognition pattern and browsing pattern will help to create a portfolio for that customer only, thus making him a unique customer.

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