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All the economic crisis, chaos & fear which Covid-19 have caused around the world and continues to do so, businesses are finding new ways, some need to kick start ASAP, a new approach for business recovery. Stringent lockdown measures, “Stay Home Stay Safe” campaigns have led to increasing usage of technology for work, learn, play & stay connected. These changes have shaped new digital habits in consumers. 

As many countries are in various stages of recovery, this is the time to “Rethink”, “ReCalibrate”, “Take Control” to transform your business to meet the new consumer needs. Future proofing your business model by adopting digital expectations from consumers is one proving way to curb this crisis and walk the path of recovery.

In this article, we are going to talk about key digital habits of consumers and how we can shape our approach to adapt to this new normal.

Digital Adaptation on Consumers Behavior

Google Trends gives us an insight on search trends by consumers, due to the lockdown measures it is no surprise that consumers are finding ways to fulfil their needs through digital channels. It is also interesting to see a variety of online services catering the needs of consumers during a pandemic.

Digital Habits in Consumers

Due to the unfortunate fluctuations in cases across the countries, lockdown was the only measures taken by the government to contain the spread. Retailers are focusing on adoption on digital platforms to meet consumer demands. But we also see a surge in consumers turning to online to do things which they never used before or to a lesser extent. We see a spike in online shopping, online classes, online delivery, virtual gym, virtual “try on”, live chat, all of these we see a spike in search across the world. 

Buying online has become a default channel for purchasing necessities, retailers are bound by safety measures and rules of lockdown. Consumers only go out to buy necessities such as groceries, medicines & recreation. Rest all needs have either moved to online purchase or paused for a while.

Digital Habits affecting businesses

It is now clear that consumers have turned to digital channels to fulfill wants of various aspects of their life. They do not expect usual experience but have evolved and developed much higher experience. This transformation has forced all the businesses to quickly adopt to digital ways of meeting the consumer needs and keep their business running.

Embrace Digital Transformation

According to Mckinsey, all the businesses regardless of vertices and sizes are reorienting their business model to be more Digital, A direct impact of Covid-19 has led to this change in consumer behavior. Brands can gain extra revenue at a very lower cost. 

What should Businesses do to achieve digital maturity

  • Own the data, extract consumer data across various touch points and connect.
  • Focus towards a unified marketing goal.
  • Custom tailoring brand messaging to create high impact.
  • A team highly skilled in data science and analytical skills and have an ability to test and learn.
  • Strategic partnership with agencies and marketing technology providers to collaborate and achieve marketing objectives.

“Rethink”, “ReCalibrate”, “Take Control”

In this dynamic change in consumer behavior, brands need to touch base with all the possible levers to stay and defend in this situation of crisis. Agencies which excel in Digital marketing can help you quickly adopt and accelerate your digital maturity by providing experience that your consumers expect and also help sustain your business for the long term. Here are few tips which an advertiser can help you keep up.

Rethink your business objective by understanding consumer needs

Consumer behavior is becoming unpredictable and rapidly changing. It becomes vital for an advertiser to understand what consumers are searching for so that they can help cater the needs.

Recalibrate your messaging to your consumers

Advertisers with the help of data and tools can help you tailor messaging to your consumers at the right time. It’s not the time for redundant marketing strategy, advertisers need to experiment with new areas to analyse the response to changing consumer behavior. 

Take Control

This is the most important step, taking control on data which is sourced from various CRM’s and other touch points. This data can help in overall digital marketing strategy and building a firm foundation for the future. By leveraging this data responsibly with your consumers we can help build a better consumer experience, strengthen your relationship which will ultimately result in conversions.

We as advertisers implement many short term solutions to the challenges impacting the business. It is time to think big, in this changing world we need to possess a dynamic business model which can curb the curves. Automation will be the key tool to take control of the fluctuations in demand and deliver value in the most efficient way to both your consumers and your marketing spend.

Your consumers have quickly adapted to usage of technology and this technology can only help you as a brand to get out of this crisis. Many businesses have not yet adapted well to the digital world some also still need to ‘Get on board’. We as advertisers can offer services to get your fundamentals right to lead the path of prosperity. Transform now “Better late than never”.

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