10 Best SEO Tools That Marketing Pros Use and You Should Too

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To reach potential buyers online, People will visit that website that answers their queries first. And for that, the website needs to be appeared on the first page of Google or any search engine.

However, to make your website rank on the first page of Google is not a cakewalk! Many experienced marketers also have to work hard to place the website on the coveted first page of Google. One has to use proper keywords, achieve a decent amount of backlinks, use videos and infographics, and so on. One has to always remain on the vigil to see how the web pages are ranking on the search engine and take action accordingly. This is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

10 Best SEO Tools Of 2020

Search Engine Optimization is a very intense process. You can’t do it all on your own. Neither does doing it manually yields the desired ROI. Here is a list of best SEO tools that you can use to raise your online marketing activities up a notch:

1. Google Trends

Google Trends shows what people are searching currently. You can get new topics to write on after seeing the trending searches. There is a great chance that the articles that are based on the trending search keywords, can rank on the first few pages of Google search results.

Google Trends is also useful to analyze the keywords. Suppose, you search for a keyword – ‘Coronavirus’ – Google Trends will also suggest more keywords related to your search. It will show which keywords are rising in popularity. If you write articles on the ‘breakout’ keywords (the keywords that are most popular) you will surely see SEO success.

Price – Free

google trends

2. Google Search Console

Another great SEO tool by Google is Google Search Console. You need to link your website to the Google Search Console. Then you will see exactly how your website or blog is performing on Google. You can check which keywords are responsible for helping your web pages get viewed by the netizens.

The functionality of Google Search Console is not just limited to keyword research only. It will also help you check if any of the web pages are not properly indexed by Google. It will also tell you exactly why your web pages are not getting indexed. Then you can take actions based on that report. What’s more, you can even request Google to index those newly added blog posts and web pages that are not yet indexed.

Price – Free



search console

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a great SEO tool that does what Google Search Console does – but in a much more comprehensive way. Like an MRI machine, it really goes deep – it goes deep into the website and analyses it thoroughly. It checks for the issues that can hurt the ranking of your website. It will check and see if the headings or title tags of your posts are Google optimized if the meta tags and the H1 tags are in place if the contents match with the already existing contents if the web page uses too much CSS. And yet, its functionality does not end there. Ahrefs is also a great keyword explorer. It can also be used to analyse competitor websites and see how they are managing to get traffic.

Price – $179 per month standard / $399 per month advanced


4. SEMRush

Today SEO has graduated into Search Engine Marketing. People are not just focusing on reaching potential buyers – they are actually closing the sales online these days. Naturally, the focus on online marketing has been increasing with each passing day. SEMRush is there to fill that gap. With SEMRush, you can optimize your website for e-commerce. Along with that, the standard SEO features like keyword research, authority research, and SEO issue finder are all there.

Price – $199/ $399



5. Answer The Public

These people with smartphones enter the whole question that they have in mind on the google search bar. Everyday many people ask questions on Quora, Reddit, Stack Exchange. Even the Google search results page has a ‘people also ask’ space. All these questions are organised by the fabulous website Answer The Public. When you enter a keyword, it shows all the questions regarding it that people have asked. That way, you can know what people are interested in and what questions people are still trying to find the answer to.

Price – $99 per month (monthly plan), $79 per month (annual)

answer the public

6. Serpstat

Serpstat is an SEO tool that has everything to offer. You don’t need to opt for different SEO tools for different SEO purposes. The all in one SEO tool will guide you to use proper keywords, add missing keywords and check the competitor sites for analysis. It will also give you a bird’s eye view of all the backlinks that your site has achieved. It will help you remove bad backlinks and improve your SEO strategy. What’s more, it also analyses PPC ads and gives valuable suggestions.

Price – $149 standard, $299 advanced


7. Moz

Most of the SEO tools offer very limited free service. Moz offers many premium SEO tools for free. It offers free keyword and link analysis. It audits your site and checks what keywords are helping your website rank. It also identifies top-ranking pages of your website. The paid tools offer much more comprehensive analysis. Moz is an experienced player in the SEO world.

Price – Free (limited), $99 standard, $149 medium, $249 large



8. Long Tail Pro

Most SEO tools act like Jack of all. But Long Tail Pro focuses, particularly on keywords. This makes it valuable for people who want the very best for each aspect of the SEO.

Price – $98/month

long tail pro

9. Pitchbox

This is 2020. The old SEO methods of keyword stuffing, writing keywords in various ways will not work anymore. If you need your website to rank, you need to have backlinks from other websites that connect to yours. Pitchbox will help you with this. Pitchbox is also great for increasing brand awareness.

Price – $195 per month

pitch box

10. Raven Tools

Raven tools is yet another great SEO tool that focuses on Keywords, Marketing, Link Building, Site Audit, Competitor Analysis and much more. The no-nonsense appearance of the Raven Tools website is quite impressive.

Price – $139/month standard, $399/month premium.

raven tools

The digital marketing world is full of competition today. You cannot be complacent. These SEO tools will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. Always.

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